;Seeking for that happiness.

Name:Rainbow Friendship


This Drawing is suppose to be me and very close friend of mine. Actually,to be honest. This is girl. (YES GIRL) Im on the left she on the Right. I love her so much. She one most important people of my life right now. She is the love of my life right now. I know if she read this. She probably be like “Shut up" And laugh. Or say "Psh" ..

She doesn’t believe me. But it’s all good. One day..You’ll see.HAAH~ <3

This drawing was made for her. I believe i gave her the original copy. Cause i cant find it ^^; But yea suppose to be her and I. This drawing has a hint of Gay/Bi/Lesbian pride in it~ Since she’s Lesbian and im Bi. We both support gay marriage and gay right <3 

tag: GBLT Friendship love
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